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Posted by on Monday, March 25, 2019 in Video posts | 0 comments

Marcello Allulli and Giovanni Ceccarelli record an album of mainly original music.


Marcello Allulli and Giovanni Ceccarelli have been playing together as a duo since quite a few years.

Their Live soundtrack to silent movie “Cenere” has toured different countries, including Italy, Lebanon, India, and Portugal. In April the duo will perform “Cenere” at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris.

In February the two musicians have done a studio recording in Rome. It’s their first album as a duo and it presents a repertoire of mainly original compositions: old and new ones, including two medleys from the “Cenere” live soundtrack. Cellist Alessandro Muller is featured in one track.

The album will be soon released by music production ProMu.


Photo credits: Emilia De Leonardis.

Video credits: ProMu.

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