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Critics and musicians speak about Giovanni Ceccarelli

Giovanni Ceccarelli


Giovanni Ceccarelli is a pianist of rare sensibility, lyrical, elegant, velvety, almost discreet, who can put himself forward both as a leader and as an accompanist. Each note he plays is thought over.

Flavio Caprera, Italian book “Dizionario del Jazz Italiano”.

Giovanni Ceccarelli is among the coming up musicians in the Italian jazz scene. The sensitive pianist from Marche has been living in Paris for some years. He has always had a predilection for meeting with other musical cultures and genres, at the same time reaffirming his jazz background. His outstanding music works feature him both as a composer, arranger, and artistic producer.

Vittorio Pio, interview for web newspaper “Wall Street International”, 2014.

Giovanni Ceccarelli is an Italian pianist whose compositions are rarely sophisticated, and whose melodies cleverly move the listener.

Thierry DocMac, review of CD “Météores” for French radio Blues Web Radio W3, 2014.

It is a matter of romanticism aiming for the essence, the unpredictable, vital, and never static artistic creativity. It is a search for sublime impressions to invent, rather than patterns to follow.

Jessica Di Bona, review of CD “Météores” for Italian web magazine “Jazz Convention”, 2012.

Giovanni Ceccarelli confirms his own skills both as a pianist and as a composer. He is the leader of a quartet having a formidable interplay, and he is the key element of the rhythm section.

Roberto Paviglianiti, review of CD “Daydreamin’” for Italian website “All About Jazz”, 2012.

Daydreamin’’ is a record whose elegance and originality strikes the listener… it is a CD that displays great artistry and it is an absolute must for jazz lovers.

Claudio Cavallaro, review of CD “Daydreamin’” for Italian website “Livecity”, 2011.

(“Waxin’ in Camerino”) is a summary of the pianist’s creative talent and technique, showing not even the slightest tendency for self-reference.

Pietro Scaramuzzo, review of CD “Waxin’ in Camerino” for Italian website “Extra Music Magazine”, 2011.

Giovanni Ceccarelli shows again to be a skilled composer, an excellent performer, a passionate musician and a modest poet. As matter of fact, as this record gets to the end, the only possible thing to do is to press again the ‘play’ button.

Pietro Scaramuzzo CD, review of CD “Météores” for Italian website “Extra! Music Magazine”, 2011.

Enriched by a superb video clip of “Ti Odio”, directed by Marthe Le More, this new album by the Giovanni Ceccarelli Trio presents an alternative and particularly touching vision of jazz…

Fred Delforge, review of CD “Météores” for French website “ZicZic”, 2011.

(Giovanni Ceccarelli) is a pianist of great elegance, who plays with beautiful subtility… The melody always wins…

Jacques Lerognon, review of CD “Météores” for French magazine “Nouvelle Vague”, 2011.

Ceccarelli’s jazz is mature and incisive; this record… is among the most intense and
convincing works that we’ve happened to listen to in recent times.

Marco Crisostomi, review of CD “Météores” for Italian magazine “Audio Review”, 2012.

I find (Giovanni Ceccarelli’s) music exciting, for its quality and for the pleasure of listening.”

Alfonso Paone, review of CD “Daydreamin’” for Italian web magazine “Music on TNT”, 2011.

I have known Giovanni for a few years now, and has always had the fire of creativity in his playing. But in this, his current CD (“Daydreamin'”), he has gone much farther by also expressing himself through his creative and challenging writing skills. His playing here is impeccable, reminding me of the legendary late Hank Jones where every note seems to be thought out with great care. He’s not just playing correct notes of the ever-changing and moving chords defining a tune, but offers up creative, heartfelt expressions that seem to tell a story coming from inner feelings initiated by the music itself. Giovanni has one foot planted in today and the other in ‘tomorrow.’ So, his playing and his writing are not totally satisfied to be a part of today only as he intuitively and overtly is always creatively searching for newer things that take him, with great thrust, adventurously into the realm of ‘tomorrow,’ the future, which has an indistinguishable face. However, with a votive determination, he will give it a face of his own creative making. In this wonderful CD Giovanni has chosen things emanating from the deepest grotto of his heart’s core, that seat of motivation, which will be to the delight of many awaiting ears. He is on a metaphoric journey and will be generously and mercifully taking us with him.

Benny Golson, liner notes to the CD “Daydreamin'”, 2010.

… The three soloists… (are) boosted by Ceccarelli’s sophisticated rhythmic and harmonic contribution at the piano. In his own respect, Ceccarelli proves to be an outstanding improviser, playing beautiful phrases with nice breathing and dynamics, and with great swing.

Rossella Del Grande, review of CD “Southern Avenue Project”, Italian website “Jazzitalia”, 2010.

The original composition “Minuetto” (aka “Mare Calmo”) shows the pathos of Ceccarelli’s personal piano style.

Francesco Prisco, review of CD “InventaRio” for Italian newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”, 2010.

… When it occurs that we get in touch with a person who has the skills to enrich our inner self, we feel fulfilled and we are ‘thankful to life’. Giovanni Ceccarelli is a person of this kind.”
“(In Ceccarelli’s music) one immediately recognizes his naturally positive attitude towards other people, as well as his being friendly. Then if we consider his first class technical skills and musical culture, we can certainly deduce that we are talking about a rare person.

Piero Quarta, Italian magazine “Prove Aperte”, 2007.

Giovanni Ceccarelli is a great pianist, we play together since some years and it is a great pleasure; we have the same blood group… the same sense of rhythm and melody, we have a common background.

USA guitarist Garrison Fewell, 2004.

Giovanni Ceccarelli… appeared unencumbered as he swung through the program, precise, nimble, sheeting notes and chords with superb unpredictability – the style of Oscar Peterson was a notable in some statements.

Review, concert tour in Australia, 2004.

(Giovanni Ceccarelli has) a brilliant technique and a great command of the jazz idiom.

Roberto Franchina, Italian book “Nuovo Jazz Italiano”, 2003.

(Giovanni Ceccarelli) confirm to be a subtle weaver of sounds and a first-class pianist. His solos do not show any exhibition of muscles, but instead they display a very fine knowledge of harmony and a discreet bravura on the keyboard.

Review, concert in Fano, Italy, Giovanni Ceccarelli Quintet, 2003.

Giovanni Ceccarelli is a pianist whom every singer would like to have in his or her rhythm section, because of Ceccarelli’s unquestioned skills as an accompanist.

Adriano Mazzoletti, review of CD “Suoni Modulanti”, Italian website Jazzitalia, 2002.

…The new talents of Italian jazz are Rosario Giuliani and Giovanni Ceccarelli.

Enrico Rava.

Ceccarelli’s choice of notes is always clear and singing, and he swings effortlessly in step with Wied.

Lynn Darroch, review of CD “The Street Dancer” for USA newspaper “The Oregonian”, 1998.


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