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Blas Gimeno Ribelles/Giovanni Ceccarelli

Blas Gimeno & Giovanni Ceccarelli


Blas Gimeno Ribelles – images, film editing, and direction

Giovanni Ceccarelli – piano


Blas Gimeno Ribelles and Giovanni Ceccarelli start their collaboration with the video “Hiver” (2008): Gimeno’s visual work is inspired by Ceccarelli’s music.

Their second video, “Duo à Beyrouth” (2014) is a duo collaboration from the start: first Gimeno Ribelles filming on a tennis court in Beirut, then Ceccarelli composing and overdubbing piano music for it.

Their third work is a video entitled “Beyrouth” (2014): destruction and construction in the Lebanese capital.

Blas is invited to participe to Giovanni’s latest album, “Mare Calmo”, by directing two short films on the pianist’s compositions “Mare Calmo” and “Continuum”. The two films are part of the album’s DVD.



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Video “Beyrouth” (2013)





Photo credits: Blas Gimeno Ribelles, Vanessa Van Renterghem.