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InventaRio CD cover


Giovanni Ceccarelli/Dadi/Ferruccio Spinetti


Dadi – vocals, guitars; Giovanni Ceccarelli – piano, keyboards; Ferruccio Spinetti – basses; Francesco Petreni – drums, percussions.

Giovanni Ceccarelli is also featured composer, arranger and artistic producer.

Special guests: Ivan Lins – vocals, piano; Marisa Monte, Petra Magoni, Pacifico – vocals.


Release in Italy: My Favorite Records, 2010.

Special edition and release in Japan: Rip Curl Recordings, 2010.

Digital release: Coqueiro Verde, 2017.


“(”InventaRio” is) a work of delicate sophistication, in perfect balance between jazz, the best Italian songwriting, and the great ‘Musica Popular Brasileira’.”

Sergio Pasquandrea, Italian magazine “JazzIt”, 2010.


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