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InventaRio incontra Ivan Lins


InventaRio incontra Ivan Lins copertina con bordo


Ivan Lins/Giovanni Ceccarelli/Dadi/Francesco Petreni/Ferruccio Spinetti


Ivan Lins – vocals, vocoder, piano, keyboards; Dadi – vocals, guitars; Giovanni Ceccarelli – piano, keyboards; Ferruccio Spinetti – bass; Francesco Petreni – drums, percussions.


Special guests: Samuele Bersani, Jessica Brando, Bungaro, Chico Buarque, Chiara Civello, Vanessa Da Mata, Maria Pia De Vito, Maria Gadu, Petra Magoni, Tosca – vocals; Fabrizio Bosso – flugelhorn; Vinicius Cantuária – vocals, guitars; Gnu Quartet – flute, violin, alto, cello; Fausto Mesolella – electric guitar.


Latin Grammy Nomination as “Best MPB Album” in 2014.


Giovanni Ceccarelli is also featured as arranger and artistic producer.


“All (members of group InventaRio) are excellent musicians, and admirers of my work. Recording with this group was simple and surprising. I soon realized that they are very creative, which brought a new sound to the songs.”

Ivan Lins


Release in Italy: Blue Note / EMI Music Italy, 2012.

Release in Brazil: Biscoito Fino, 2013.

Song “Camaleonte (Camaleão)” from this CD has been included in Maria Gadú’s latest CD “Nós”.

The CD is nominee at the “15th Annual Latin Grammy Awards” as “Best MPB Album”, 2014.


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Making of video:


Single “Camaleonte (Camaleão)” featuring Jessica Brando and Maria Gadú:


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