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Posted by on Sunday, June 23, 2019 in News | 0 comments

Release of album “Animantiga” by the late Roberta Alloisio and Stéphane Casalta

Release of album “Animantiga” by the late Roberta Alloisio and Stéphane Casalta


On June 21st album “Animantiga” by Roberta Alloisio and Stéphane Casalta was released by Orange Home Records. Giovanni Ceccarelli participated to this project as a pianist, composer, arranger and musical director. “Animantiga” is a meeting between the music of Genoa and Corsica, proposing a rich repertoire including traditional and contemporary songs. Giovanni got involved in this fascinating project thanks to Stéphane, who introduced him to Roberta. During the artists in residence and the studio recording Giovanni had the chance to meet and work with Paolo Gerbella – who composed the album’s title song and gave a strong contribution to the album’s making -, Patrizia Gattaceca, Luca Falomi, Esmeralda Sciascia, Armando Corsi, and all artists involved in this fascinating project. Having been knowing each other for some years, this was the first chance for Giovanni to work in a recording project with bassist Felice Del Gaudio. Stéphane’s original songs and wonderful singing are one of this album’s highlights. Roberta contributed with her artistic vision, enthusiasm, and heartfelt interpretations. During the process of making this album, Roberta passed away at the age of 53. Stéphane, Paolo, Raffaele Abbate of Orange Home Records, all artists who participated to “Animantiga”, and Giovanni want to dedicate this work to the memory of Roberta Alloisio.

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