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Mare Calmo


Mare Calmo copertina









Daniele di Bonaventura/Giovanni Ceccarelli


Daniele di Bonaventura – bandoneón; Giovanni Ceccarelli – piano, whistle


“Mare Calmo” is a CD plus a DVD.

Giovanni Ceccarelli is also featured as composer, arranger, and artistic producer.


International release: EvArt, 2015.

Distribution: IRD.

Japanese release: Bar Buenos Aires, 2015.


(“Mare Calmo” is) an absolutely delicious, elegant, tranquil, and evocative album.

Alberto Bazzurro, Italian magazine “Musica Jazz”, 2017


(The music pieces contained in «Mare Calmo») tell imaginative stories whose nobility at the bottom eventually conquers the listener. One could define it as an imaginary soundtrack…  I recommend not to try to label this music. Just enjoy it.

Marco Crisostomi, Italian magazine “AudioReview”, 2015



Video trailer:


Music video “Colline”


Live video “Que Reste-t-il de Nos Amours”



“Mare Calmo” is distributed in digital on all major platforms. You can purchase the digital version of the album here.

You can buy a copy on CD of the album using the contact form.

You can buy the album’s Japanese edition here.