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Press and media “Mare Calmo”


Mare Calmo copertina


Articles and reviews


(“Mare Calmo” is) an absolutely delicious, elegant, tranquil, and evocative album.

Alberto Bazzurro for Italian magazine “Musica Jazz”, 2017

A very beautiful record featuring different moods, from contemplative (“Mare Calmo”, “In Trasparenza”) to dancing (“Namibia”, “Tarantella d’Autunno”), in anyway exciting.

French web magazine “L’Invitu”, 2015

“(The music pieces contained in «Mare Calmo») tell imaginative stories whose nobility at the bottom eventually conquers the listener. One could define it as an imaginary soundtrack… I recommend not to try to label this music. Just enjoy it.”

Marco Crisostomi, Italian magazine “AudioReview”, 2015

“… «Mare Calmo» features an intense dialogue between Daniele di Bonaventura and Giovanni Ceccarelli, also highlighting the two musicians’ brilliant virtuosity… “

Guido Michelone, Italian website “Jazz Convention”, 2016


Interviews and video interviews


Gherbi Zhor – video reportage for Algerian national channel Numidia TV



Sara Bonfili interviews Giovanni Ceccarelli for Italian website Pink Fusion 22


Radio broadcasts


Interview with Giovanni Ceccarelli by Max De Tomassi at radio broadcasting “Brasil Suoni i Culture dal Mondo”, Radio RAI, Italy, 2015 (podcast available).

Interview with Daniele di Bonaventura and Giovanni Ceccarelli by Max De Tomassi, and concert broadcast at “Brasil”, Radio RAI Uno, 2016 (podcast available).



Italian label EvArt

Italian distribution IRD

Japanese label bar buenos aires



Press and Media

CD “Mare Calmo”