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Press “More Morricone”






Rated with “Must” by French radio TSF Jazz


Rated with ffff by French magazine Télérama

Their selection turns out to be judicious, which alternates between the obvious (“The Sicilian Clan”, “A Fistful Of Dynamite”) and the least expected (“Two Mules For Sister Sara”, “Metello”). Thanks to these choices and to their sober approach allowing little room for improvisation, they succeed in touching the very Italian heart of Morricone …

Louis-Julien Nicolaou, 2020


Rated as October 2020’s “Top Mezzo” by Mezzo TV

Rated as October 2020’s “sélection FNAC” in France


Rated with indispensable! (a must) by French website Paris Move

… Above all we welcome here two musicians of excellence, for this marvelous opus entitled “More Morricone”: the double bassist and multi-instrumentalist Ferruccio Spinetti, and one of the greatest European pianists, composers and arrangers, Giovanni Ceccarelli, who had the excellent idea of ​​inviting the Belgian singer Chrystel Wautier on a few tracks … And the result lives up to expectations and even exceeds them, because this magnificent project breathes poetry from the first to the last track.

Thierry Docmac, 2020


… Ferruccio Spinetti… and… Giovanni Ceccarelli… succeed with immeasurable skill (being indeed renowned performers!) and refined eclecticism in bringing a new sound to the vast musical spectrum of the composer of “Mission” and “The Hateful Eight.”

Massimo Privitera, website Colonne Sonore, Italy, 2020


When the starting material is already superlative, such a project may at a first seem misleading to its protagonists. Well, it is absolutely not the case here: the duo – trio with Chrystel Wautier’s tender appearances – offers us an album of bewitching beauty where Morricone’s themes are transcended in each rendition. Magnificent!

Jean-Pierre Goffin, website Jazz’halo, Belgium, 2020


A magnificent album, where the talent of our three jazzmen – including the wonderful Belgian singer Chrystel Wautier – knows how to both hide behind the genius composer, and sublimate his compositions, offering them to the listener as purified and reduced to the essential.

Nadia Khouri-Dagher, website Bab el Med, France, 2020


… An exciting album of rare elegance, where the themes, originally conceived in their orchestral form, are here taken apart and sublimated. Jazz, classical music and song intertwine with Morriconian atmospheres.

Giuseppe Attardi, website Sicilian Post, Italy, 2020


The duo – trio with Chrystel Wautier’s tender voice – offers an album that, in terms of enchanting beauty, transcends Morricone’s heavenly melodies. This very nice album cannot be missed!

Michel Dutrieue, website Stretto, Belgium, 2020


… a touching record of rare elegance where the themes, often heard in their orchestral form, are here stripped and sublimated. Jazz, classical music and song are intertwined for the best… A wonder!

Website Les Chroniques de Hiko, France, 2020


Themes from famous films like “Cinema Paradiso” are rendered here in intimate versions, stripped down but without ever losing their expressiveness.

Newspaper L’Alsace, France, 2020


Far from the exercise of style or the stiff tribute, the duo – with Ceccarelli’s elegance on the piano, allied to Spinetti’s generous and catchy bass – succeeds in suggesting the images, the characters of all these films, then transposing all that into another world made of notes and harmonies.

Website polar, jazz & blues, France, 2020


Rendering the music of Ennio Morricone in jazz and as a duet might seem a challenge, even if Ferruccio Spinetti and Giovanni Ceccarelli are jazzmen and Italian. Nevertheless this challenge is met with plenty of verve and great class.

Jacques Lerognon, website Nouvelle Vague, France, 2020


If the two men therefore share many instruments, a few piano notes are enough to translate “Ricatto”‘s darkness, to recognize “The Sicilian Clan” or the magnificent “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” including the “Tema d’Amore”: simply played by piano and double bass, it is unforgettable.

Pierre de Chocqueuse, Blog De Choc, France, 2020


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