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Press and media “InventaRio”


InventaRio CD cover


Quotes by the press

The four musicians’ (Dadi, Giovanni Ceccarelli, Ferruccio Spinetti, Francesco Petreni) talent and touch are this record’s main ingredients. ‘InventaRio’… should be part of everyone’s record collection… it is a rare pearl…

Pietro Scaramuzzo, Italian website “Extra! Music Magazine”, 2011.

(“InventaRio”) is a fun, exciting (album) that we recommend…

Scoppio, Italian magazine “Musica Jazz”, 2010.

(“InventaRio” is) a work of delicate sophistication, in perfect balance between jazz, the best Italian songwriting, and the great ‘Musica Popular Brasileira’.

Sergio Pasquandrea, Italian magazine “JazzIt”, 2010.

(“InventaRio”): thirteen songs where Portuguese, Italian and Neapolitan dialect (Spinetti is from Caserta, nearby Naples) interweave with extraordinary naturalness. (Marisa Monte’s) vocal interpretation of “Da Aurora Até o Luar” is among the magical moments of this delicate and sophisticated record.

Ivo Franchi, Italian magazine “Jam Viaggio Nella Musica”, 2010.

The meeting between the two Italian musicians (Giovanni Ceccarelli and Ferruccio Spinetti) and the Brazilian singer-musician (Dadi) is a very successful one, and shows to be original just by reading the title (InventaRio).

Stefano Crippa, Italian newspaper “Il Manifesto”, 2010.

A new and very solid partnership (the one between Ceccarelli, Spinetti and Dadi) – also thanks to the contribution of Francesco Petreni on drums – as documented in the album just released on independent label My Favorite Records. … The original composition ‘Minuetto’ shows the pathos of Ceccarelli’s personal piano style.

Francesco Prisco, Italian newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”, 2010.



Video interview


Pietro Scaramuzzo talks with Giovanni Ceccarelli, Ferruccio Spinetti and Francesco Petreni about the CD “InventaRio”.

Part 1

Part 2



Radio broadcasts


“InventaRio” has been programmed for a week in August 2010 by radio broadcast “Farenheit”, Radio RAI Tre.

“InventaRio” has been presented at radio broadcasts “Brasil”, Radio RAI Uno and “Radio Popolare” in Italy.



Press and Media

CD “InventaRio”