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Pagine Vere



Michela Lombardi – vocals

Giovanni Ceccarelli – piano, rhodes, clavietta

Luca Falomi – guitars


Pagine Vere is the name of a brand new trio, featuring vocalist and lyricist Michela Lombardi, pianist and composer Giovanni Ceccarelli, and guitarist Luca Falomi.

“Pagine Vere” is also the title of their upcoming album, featuring a collection of compositions by Giovanni Ceccarelli. Vocalist Michela Lombardi has been contributing with her lyrics to Giovanni Ceccarelli’s compositions since 2005. Additional lyrics were written by Max De Tomassi, Stéphane Casalta, André Carvalho, and Ciara Arnette. This collection of original music was recorded with the precious contribution of guitarist Luca Falomi. Four guest artists participated to the recording: Ferruccio Spinetti and Petra Magoni from duo Musica Nuda, Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and producer Dadi, and Corsican singer-songwriter Stéphane Casalta. “Pagine Vere” will be released in November 2021 by Da Vinci Publishing.

The trio performs compositions by Giovanni which span his entire musical career, featuring lyrics in Italian, English, Portuguese, French, and Corsican. The three musicians closely listen to each other, always aiming to express the essence through sound.

Pagine Vere has given an avant-premier concert in July 2019 at Italian festival “Donne in Jazz”.


Contact for concert booking: Brama.


Photo by Alessandro Davi.