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Musicians and critics speak about Giovanni Ceccarelli

Giovanni Ceccarelli


… A wonderful, elegant, calm, minimalist pianist, Giovanni Ceccarelli.

Ivan Lins, 2020

(Giovanni Ceccarelli’s) playing… is impeccable, reminding me of the legendary late Hank Jones where every note seems to be thought out with great care.

Benny Golson, 2009

The new Italian jazz talents are Rosario Giuliani and Giovanni Ceccarelli.

Enrico Rava, 2000

(The sheet music book “In Music’s Hands”)… is made of pure gems, a perfect melodic and harmonic clockwork, wrapped in rhythm, that operates like the magic functioning of an artist’s soul.

David Linx, 2021

From a great heart, Giovanni Ceccarelli draws music with nature’s touch – a breath of possibility surrounds each element, and none of those elements are superfluous or hurried. He is one of my favorite musicians, one of my favorite composers, and I believe Giovanni’s value as a music educator is boundless.

USA pianist Steve Christofferson, 2020

Giovanni Ceccarelli is a great pianist, we play together since some years and it is a great pleasure; we have the same blood group… the same sense of rhythm and melody, we have a common background.

USA guitarist Garrison Fewell, 2004

Giovanni Ceccarelli is a pianist of rare sensibility, lyrical, elegant, velvety, almost discreet, who can put himself forward both as a leader and as an accompanist. Each note he plays is thought over.

Flavio Caprera, Italian book “Dizionario del Jazz Italiano”, 2014

(Giovanni Ceccarelli has) a brilliant technique and a great command of the jazz idiom.

Roberto Franchina, Italian book “Nuovo Jazz Italiano”, 2003

Giovanni Ceccarelli is among the coming up musicians in the Italian jazz scene… He has always had a predilection for meeting with other musical cultures and genres, at the same time reaffirming his jazz background. His outstanding music works feature him both as a composer, arranger, and artistic producer.

Vittorio Pio, “Wall Street International”, 2014

(Giovanni Ceccarelli) is a pianist of great elegance, who plays with beautiful subtlety… The melody always wins…

Jacques Lerognon, review of CD “Météores” for French magazine “Nouvelle Vague”, 2011

Giovanni Ceccarelli is a pianist whom every singer would like to have in his or her rhythm section, because of his unquestioned skills as an accompanist.

Adriano Mazzoletti, review of CD “Suoni Modulanti”, Italian website Jazzitalia, 2002

… When it occurs that we get in touch with a person who has the skills to enrich our inner self, we feel fulfilled and we are ‘thankful to life’. Giovanni Ceccarelli is a person of this kind.”
“(In Ceccarelli’s music) one immediately recognizes his naturally positive attitude towards other people, as well as his being friendly. Then if we consider his first class technical skills and musical culture, we can certainly deduce that we are talking about a rare person.

Piero Quarta, Italian magazine “Prove Aperte”, 2007


Photo credits: Giordano Pietroni.