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Marcello Allulli / Giovanni Ceccarelli – Ciné-concerts



Marcello Allulli – tenor sax

Giovanni Ceccarelli – piano, clavietta



This duo brings together two musicians who have been collaborating for twenty years in numerous projects. Among their common collaborations, multi-instrumentalist Aki Montoya’s group Trioakì focused on crossover music merging North Indian music and contemporary jazz. The trio played in concert with the great, late clarinetist and composer Tony Scott.

Both experienced artists in performances involving different forms of expressions, Allulli and Ceccarelli compose original music which they perform for ciné-concerts (live soundtracks to silent movies). In 2019 they also released Canto, an album presenting a repertoire of original music – also including two medleys from the live soundtrack to silent movie Cenere.

Since more than ten years Allulli and Ceccarelli have been performing the live soundtrack to silent movie Cenere (1917, directed by Febo Mari). Based on a novel by Nobel prize winner Grazia Deledda, Cenere stars legendary actress Eleonora Duse and it is the only remaining film document of her art.



The duo has performed Cenere in numerous prestigious venues around the world, including the European Film Festival in Beirut; the Festa do Cinema Italiano in Cascais and the Dia Europeu das Línguas in Óbidos, Portugal; the Italian Cultural Institutes in Paris and Helsinki; the Sensorium festival in Panjim, the Festival of the Arts in Delhi, plus a two-week long tour across all India.


(The live soundtrack to silent movie Cenere) reaffirmed the magic and power of music, keeping the audience mesmerized all through the two-hour show.

Sebanti Sarkar, Indian newspaper The Telegraph, 2016


‘A Santanotte was released in 1922 under the direction of Elvira Notari, the first female film director in the history of Italian cinema. It takes inspiration from Neapolitan song ‘A Santanotte. Marcello Allulli and Giovanni Ceccarelli premiered their live soundtrack to this film at KAVI in Helsinki, under the invitation by the Italian Cultural Institute.



Article and interview about ciné-concert Cenere, Alessandra Bertini, Artribune, Italy 2023.


Cenere Beirut 2014



Photo credits: Emilia De Leonardis.