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Press “Pagine Vere”



Rated indispensable by French blog Paris Move


Just a right idea and a few elements, as long as they are well-matched, are enough to make a good record.

Ivo Franchi, Musica Jazz, 2022


Let yourself be carried away, swept away, capsized by the atmosphere of this album of extreme refinement and elegance…

Thierry Docmac, Paris Move, 2022



Pietro Scaramuzzo, interview with Giovanni Ceccarelli on Musica Jazz, Italy, 2022

Vittorio Pio, Suono, Italy, 2022

Ivo Franchi, Musica Jazz, Italy, 2022

Thierry Docmac, Paris Move, France, 2022

La Gazette Bleue d’Action Jazz, France, 2022

Saverio Spadavecchia, Corriere Adriatico, Italy, 2021

Stefano Dentice, Sound Contest, Italy, 2021

Stefano Dentice, Il Giornale Off, Italy, 2021



Alessandro De Rosa, radio program Musical Box – RSI, Switzerland, 2023

Max De Tomassi, radio program Torcida – Radio RAI Uno, Italy, 2022

Max De Tomassi, radio program Brasil – Radio RAI Uno, Italy, 2021

Fabio Ciminiera, radio program Jazz un disco al giorno – Radio Start, Italy, 2021