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"Daydreamin'" CD cover


Giovanni Ceccarelli


Christophe Panzani – tenor and soprano saxes; Giovanni Ceccarelli – piano; Nicolas Rageau, Ferruccio Spinetti – double bass; Antoine Paganotti – drums.


Giovanni Ceccarelli is featured also as composer, arranger, and producer.


Magnatune, 2010.

Awarded with “JazzIt likes it!” by Italian magazine “JazzIt”.


In the CD’s liner notes, the great Benny Golson writes:

“Giovanni Ceccarelli’s playing is impeccable, reminding me of the legendary late Hank Jones where every note seems to be thought out with great care. He’s not just playing correct notes of the ever-changing and moving chords defining a tune, but offers up creative, heartfelt expressions that seem to tell a story coming from inner feelings initiated by the music itself.”





“Daydreamin’” is distributed in digital on all major platforms.


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