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Press and media “Daydreamin'”


"Daydreamin'" CD cover


CD’s liner notes by great saxophonist and composer Benny Golson

I have known Giovanni for a few years now, and has always had the fire of creativity in his playing. But in this, his current CD (”Daydreamin’”), he has gone much farther by also expressing himself through his creative and challenging writing skills.
His playing here is impeccable, reminding me of the legendary late Hank Jones where every note seems to be thought out with great care. He’s not just playing correct notes of the ever-changing and moving chords defining a tune, but offers up creative, heartfelt expressions that seem to tell a story coming from inner feelings initiated by the music itself.
Giovanni has one foot planted in today and the other in ‘tomorrow.’ So, his playing and his writing are not totally satisfied to be a part of today only as he intuitively and overtly is always creatively searching for newer things that take him, with great thrust, adventurously into the realm of ‘tomorrow,’ the future, which has an indistinguishable face. However, with a votive determination, he will give it a face of his own creative making.
In this wonderful CD Giovanni has chosen things emanating from the deepest grotto of his heart’s core, that seat of motivation, which will be to the delight of many awaiting ears.
He is on a metaphoric journey and will be generously and mercifully taking us with him.


Quotes by the press

Giovanni Ceccarelli confirms his own skills both as a pianist and as a composer. He is the leader of a quartet having a formidable interplay, and he is the key element of the rhythm section.

Roberto Paviglianiti, Italian website “All About Jazz”, 2012.

“Daydreamin’” is a record whose elegance and originality strikes the listener… it is a CD that displays great artistry and it is an absolute must for jazz lovers.

Claudio Cavallaro, Italian website “Livecity”, 2011.

(“Daydreamin’” is) a really enjoyable record and displays many different moods; it appeals both to the connoisseur and the less experienced listener.

Italian website Gerovi-Jazz, 2011.

“Daydreamin’” is an elegant, solid and sincere record; all six tracks contained in the album are signed by the leader, who stands out as an excellent composer.

Italian website “La Repubblica News”, 2011.





“Daydreamin'” has been awarded with “JazzIt Likes It!” by Italian magazine “JazzIt”.



Video interview


Pietro Scaramuzzo talks with Giovanni Ceccarelli about the CDs “Waxin’ in Camerino” and “Daydreamin'”.

Part 1

Part 2



Radio broadcast


“Daydreamin'” has been presented by Italian radio broadcast “Anima Jazz”, 2011.



Press and Media

CD “Daydreamin'”